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Active Fluency Adjectives

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2016 New Edition
Man Singh Shekhawat
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Active Fluency Adjectives

This book contains all important "adjective + noun" word groups. All head words in this book are adjective followed by various Nouns after them. For example-

  • Poor People
  • Poor Result
  • Poor attendance
  • Poor People
  • Poor Result
  • Poor attendance
As a Noun with different Adjectives (Adjective + Noun Combinations)
  • A big challenge
  • A tremendous challenge
  • A serious challenge
  • A major challenge
  • A real challenge
  • An intellectual challenge.. and so on
  • A huge challenge
  • A tough challenge

"Adjectives" are important words used to describe various nouns/pronouns. Adjectives are generally used in two ways-

  1. Before a noun-as
    • a tall player
    • a tall girl
    • a tall boy

    This is called attributive use of adjectives.

  2. After verb "to be"
  3. The students are intelligent.
    The students are sincere.
    The students are honest.

    This is called predictive use adjectives.

Mr. Man Singh Shekhawat is the convenor of voluntary organisation "YUWAM" and the founder director of yuwam education Pvt. Ltd. An organisation providing pre recruitment training for government jobs an author, educator, social activist he is a much sought after teacher of the english language and motivational speaker.

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