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Active Fluency Verbs

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2016 New Edition
Man Singh Shekhawat
eBook, Coaching, Presentation

Active Fluency Verbs

To speak good English with high Degree of Fluency, you must have total mastery of Active Fluency Verbs which are frequently used by us in our day to day life. The purpose of this book is to bring to you a very clear idea how these verbs are used in various context. as we know different transitive verbs are followed by different objects, it means we should objects after a particular verb. for example, let us see the word "challenge" as a verb is followed by various nouns as objects-

  • Challenge an idea
  • Challenge a notion
  • Challenge somebody’s decision
  • Challenge somebody’s view
  • Challenge an assumption
  • Challenge a judgement
  • Challenge somebody’s claim
  • Challenge somebody’s authority

Mr. Man Singh Shekhawat is the convenor of voluntary organisation "YUWAM" and the founder director of yuwam education Pvt. Ltd. An organisation providing pre recruitment training for government jobs an author, educator, social activist he is a much sought after teacher of the english language and motivational speaker.

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